Great Heavy metal show with; Adavant, Phoenix & Dragon, Storm of Perception and others

Mosh Pit Army Puts on Another Great Metal Show


Arizona Promoter Mosh Pit Army

What a great time we had at the Az. Event Center last ningt;

  • I Dont Konform
  • Oak & Stone
  • Farthest from faith
  • Storm of Perception
  • Deadspawn
  • Phoenix & Dragon
  • Adavant

We have seen P & D probably about 3 or 4 times and this was by far our best experience with them.

phoenix & dragon

Oak & Stone, this trio kick fkn ass. Yet again another bassist leaves the confines and starts a pit but meanders up to bar and orders a round of drinks. Storm of Perception… all I can say is wow, these boys from our local area are murders and arsonist. Not only did they murder the crowd but the lit the fuckers on fire as well!


Adavant was something new for us and they truly lived up the the genre EPIC METAL!! Something that I thought was rather interesting was their fan base. It is like they know the exact time Adavant is getting ready to hit the stage, because they were all decked out in their tribal war paint just like the band.


Last night also was the first night for our second cameraman/editor/photographer Ryan to join us at a show and he did a wonderful job! Tony from Mosh Pit Army did a great job here as normal. Thanks for taking care of AHM Tony!!